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Where in the World is Victoria???

Globe-trotting writer, jewelry aficionado, and adventurer Victoria Gomelsky (who also happens to be the Editori-in-Chief of Couture International Jeweler Magazine), is rarely at rest. It’s just not her style to sit back with so many exciting places to go and things to see out there. But, for the moment, she is reclining in her Brooklyn, NY palace, enjoying some well deserved rest after almost a month of traveling.

Her latest journey took her to India and Thailand. In India, she visited the gem show in Mumbai, which consists mostly of Indian manufacturers making products for the domestic market however, she observed more foreigners (like herself) who had come to the show as interest in the India market is growing internationally. Even with the economy on the downturn, India is an exiting place to be.

Victoria then traveled to Bangkok, where she saw another enormous gem trade show. But her main reason for visiting Thailand was to go to Phuket for an event by Lotus Arts De Vivre. Somewhere between funky and surreal, earthy and luxurious, Lotus Arts de Vivre is an incredibly imaginative Thai company that just launched a home goods line. No ordinarily plates and a rugs here, Lotus Arts de Vivre creates unique objects that reinvent traditional Thai design. Large mixed material animals with golden heads and gem set eyes are elegant and enthralling.

Victoria sure had a lot to feast the eyes on there! We’ll let you know where her next exploration takes her…..


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