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RSS Feeds–Making Use of Online Tools 101

So, you’re reading your favorite blog (like this one!) or visiting your favorite online newspaper, and you see in the side panel or at the bottom of the page something along the lines of "Subscribe to RSS Feed" or just a little orange box you can click on.  What is this ubiquitous tool and how can it help you, you might be wondering?

Put simply, RSS feeds make it possible for the news and information that you want to come to you all in one place, rather than you visiting multiple sites to get the information you want, consequently saving you that most precious of all commodities–time.  The best part of all is, it’s really easy to start using and letting RSS work for you!

Step 1:  Subscribe to some sort of reader.  I like Google Reader and I was able to use my personal gmail account to get going right away, but there are tons of options out there so pick whatever works best for you.

Step 2:  Start subscribing to the blogs and news sources that you tune into regularly.  You can either search for them through your reader or you can visit them each individually and hit "subscribe."  Whenever you come across a new site that you think you might want to hear from on a regular basis, subscribe to it.  You can always remove items from your reader if they are no longer relevant to your life. 

Step 3:  Log in to your reader whenever you feel like tuning in, all of YOUR news will be waiting for you.

Step 4:  Start utilizing your new-found free time to make more fabulous jewelry, sell more fabulous jewelry or, even better yet, spend some time with your loved ones!

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