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K. Brunini Jewels in W Magazine

We always love it when we flip through our favorite magazines and see one of our favorite, Couture Jewelry Designers featured.  We get even more excited when the feature is elegantly styled by the beloved and ridiculously talented editor, Talya Cousins!  Check out this fabulous clip in W Magazine featuring an exquisite bone, south sea pearl, diamond and gold “wild orchid” brooch by K. Brunini Designs.  We’re big fans of Katey’s nature-inspired aesthetic; she’s one of our first stops at the Couture show in Vegas and at the Couture Pavilions at JANY because she is always pushing the envelop and giving us inspiration!  Congratulations, Katey!


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  1. Du har och har haft många järn i elden ute i blrnvgäoldeg.Kul med en nytt tema och utmaning, kommer med all säkerhet att vara med där :)Trevlig helg!

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  7. I Love this! We also live in a rental so i know how difficult it can be to decorate!The number canvas is perfect for a little man cave 🙂 and the mobile… DEFINITELY a success if your little boy loves it! 🙂

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  8. Åhh vad mycket fint det fanns! Jag älskar Kudden Love. Den skulle få sin plats i vårt sovrum, passar jättebra till färgerna i rummet.Annars älskar jag lampan Josephine från Koziol, den vita.//Jenny

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  10. this is amazing. like, for realz. i didn’t realize when you first moved that the hallway was SO long. i guess i was under the impression that it just had the first big turn and then you were at the bathroom? anyway, awesome job. it’s like your guests get to tour an art gallery on the way to and from your actual apartment. cheers to you!

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