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High Art and High Jewelry

The 24th Annual Biennale des Antiquaires opened yesterday in Paris and it seems as if lovers of high art are also the biggest fans of important jewelry.  With thousands of collectors from around the world attending, all of them hungry to posses the extraordinary and all with deep pockets, it’s no wonder that jewelry houses such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and (Couture’s own!) de Grisogono have found a home at these  high-end art fairs.

In addition to spectacular art, jewelry and antiques on display, the Biennale website also notes that attendees will be blessed with “Ten grands chefs selected from among the best-known on the international stage.”  A new grands chef every day??  Count me in!  The organizers of the event are also upping the trade show standard with an installment of four different gardens in the themes of Zen Garden, Undergrowth, Rose Garden and Mediterranean Garden, providing visitors “with a pastoral setting in which to discover the exhibition.”


In an article printed by WWD, de Grisogono owner Fawaz Grousi, who is currently showcasing, among other pieces, an $8.8million ruby ring, was quoted as saying “…it’s good but it can drive me crazy because we can’t meet demand.”  If only we ALL had Mr. Grousi’s problems, right?

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