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Couture Designers Hear Hollywood’s Call

Couture designers aren’t only being noticed in high-end fashion publications. Their jewelry is also being called upon by Hollywood, with stylists and prop masters using Couture designers to outfit their A-list casts.


Case in point: The Women, opening September 12th, brings together a star-studded female cast and utilizes Couture designers to deck out the many ladies. The Women centers on a group of upper-crust,
Manhattan fashionistas whose friendships are tested by their own gossiping ways and their husbands’ romantic involvements. 

Placing jewelry on the likes of Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, not to mention Bette Midler and a host of other great actresses, is a great opportunity as well as a resounding endorsement.

With so many ladies to outfit, it’s great to see Couture designers such as Alex Woo, K. Brunini, Diana Heimann, H. Stern, Mikimoto, Yossi Harari, and Yasuko Azuma getting their silver-screen time.

Some of the pieces included in the film are:

Yossi Harari’s Olivia cuff, worn by Bette Midlter


K. Burnini’s rings, including the quartz Cottonseed, worn by Eva Mendes, and Antler Ring (upper left corner), worn by Ana Gastayer.



Alex Woo’s Narissa cuff with diamonds, worn by Debora Messing, and Lucia Yellow Disk pendant with diamonds, , and Annette Bening.



Judging by the variety and assortment of pieces selected, costume designers are dressing each lady in her character, opening up new possibilities for inventive deigns and exposure.

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