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Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Pladium and Seal in the Desert

After putting the finishing touches on the less glamorous side of the business on set-up day, shipping cartons and empty boxes were whisked away, jeans and work shoes were replaced with cocktail attire, and the Couture crowds took to the unusually mild Las Vegas night for the Couture Opening Night Reception.  The undercurrent of excitement was practically audible during the cocktail hour and then, it happened.  The soulful, talented and, it must be said, sexy, Seal took the stage!  In the intimate setting of the pool side stage the audience was close enough to reach up and touch those dancing legs so it was a good thing those beefy security guys were there to remind everyone to keep their hands to themselves.  Even those previously noncommittal were singing a different tune after seeing the star perform and it became apparent to everyone how Seal smite one of the sexiest women on earth.
Seal mania continued when the close-enough-to-touch star hit the Mouawad booth to show off his new line of jewelry (oh, yeah, right, this is a jewelry show!), followed by a lunch of about twenty editors who hung on every word out of the star-turned-designer’s mouth.

Later on the evening of the Opening Night Reception, uber-talented Couture designer Katie Brunini hosted a dinner at Wing Lei (one of the best restaurants in the Wynn) to showcase her newest collection , “Spirit Animals.”  Both food and jewelry went around the lazy susan and everyone who attended is still raving about it days later.  Other designers, who will remain nameless for fear of jinxing their good fortune, are looking forward to possible television spots on E! Entertainment, when the producers visit Couture to highlight the fact that Couture is THE place for consumers to spot the hottest in fine jewelry and watches.  The always articulate Michael O’Connor from Platinum Guild International will be on hand to lead the film crew to the hottest designers on the floor.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a spectacular show with more candy (thanks Departures Magazine Candy Classics!), gorgeous jewelry, good friends and cocktails than any girl safely needs, but hey, it’s Vegas, we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.

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