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Couture Hits it Big

While we over here at Couture Press Registration HQ (aka Lup) have been immersed in simultaneously reaching out to and registering some 100+ media to attend Couture while also planning our Vegas wardrobes and crash dieting so we can fit into some of last year’s clothes, the folks over at Couture have been hitting it big time….big numbers that is!


Couture Town&Country Design awards has gone online and there are a record 168 entries for this year’s competition! I just finished casting my vote and while I won’t reveal my picks, I will reveal that this year has some not-to-be-missed entries! See for yourself here but keep in mind, you might want to wait until your lunch or coffee break because you may become mesmerized by what you see! I for one cannot wait to see who makes the finals; their work will be on display at Couture.

This year’s pre-registration numbers are at a record high, topping last year’s number by 10%! And with a full week still left to go!

In April the Couture website received 53,653 unique visitors! Having developed and launched a number of websites myself, for both clients and my own company, I am astounded by that number! Good stuff Couture peeps! You’ll have to fill me in on some of your secrets!

I guess I better get back to the grindstone. Even though the deadline for editor’s to have pre-printed badges was last week, the registration forms are still coming in. While I wait for the faxes, I’m going to go back to the Couture Design Awards website and imagine myself wearing some of those hot designs…

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